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11/12 Nordic Winner Show, Stockholm
Lilja (Zandirah's Within Temptation)
made her last appearance as a youngster and won the class with CQ out of an entry of six.
Knut Blütecher, Norway


16/10 SvVK Vallentuna
Zandirah's Within Temptation
Best Bitch 2 R-CAC & BIS Intermediate
Judge: Pirkko Konttinen, Finland

Lilja going BB-2

Lilja in the BIS-ring


9/10 KC-show Hamar, Norway
Zandirah's Within Temptation
Best Bitch 2 R-CAC R-CACIB
Judge: Birgitta Svarstad, Sweden


25/9 KC-show Eckerö, Finland
Zandirah's Winter Night Wish
was 2:nd in intermediate class with CQ.
Judge: Matti Luoso, Finland


17/9 KC-show Högbo
Zandirah's Within Temptation
Best Bitch 3 R-CAC R-CACIB
Judge: Per Lundström, Sweden


11/9 KC-show Gimo
Zandirah's Within Temptation
1:st Intermediate bitch CQ
Judge: Kitty Sjong, Denmark


27/8 Open Show, Norberg
Zandirah's Within Temptation
won BIS at the annual open show in our hometown.
Judge: Pillan Klebo, Sweden


13/8 KC-Show Askersund
Zandirah's Within Temptation
won BOS and her second swedish CAC at the kennelclubs national show in Askersund!
Judge was Barbara Ruth Smith, Sweden

Lilja has also got her LC-license!



24-25/7 "Skokloster Summer Show"

SvSR 24/5
Zandirah's Wind Of Victory 2:nd Intermediate male with CQ & selected to compete for best movement
Zandirah's Wishmaster 3:rd Intermediate male CQ
Zandirah's Walking In The Air 4:th Intermediate male
Zandirah's Winter Night Wish 2:nd Intermediate bitch CQ
Zandirah's Within Temptation 3:rd Intermediate bitch CQ
Zandirah's Water Lily 4:th Intermediate bitch
Zandirah's Woman In Black Excellent
Judge: David Perkins, kennel Pennyworth, England

  Water Lily

Within Temptation

Winter Night Wish

Wind Of Victory


Walking In The Air

Woman In Black

Kennel Zandirah BIS Breeders Group
Ch Shaamroc Silver Breeze BIS Progeny Group (Lilja & Ghibli participated)
Ch Al Khabara Darrah Progeny Group 2:nd with HP

Zandirah Breeders Group

Al Khabara Darrah Progeny Group

SvVK 25/7
Zandirah's Wind Of Victory 4:th Intermediate male
Zandirah's Within Temptation 3:rd Intermediate bitch CQ
Zandirah's Winter Night Wish Excellent
Zandirah's Woman In Black Excellen
Judge: Janet Littell Adam, kennel Elysian Fields, USA

Ch Shaamroc Silver Breeze BIS Progeny Group (Lilja participated)

Shaamroc Silver Breeze Progeny Group

23/7 KC-show Koping
Zandirah's Within Temptation
2:nd Intermediate bitch CQ
Judge: Phil Thompson, Australia


10/7 KC-show Alfta
Zandirah's Within Temptation
was BOS and won the CAC at the kennelclubs national show in Alfta.
This was Liljas first swedish CAC. We are so happy and proud!
Judge: Markku Kipinä, Finland.

Lilja winning the CAC

Lilja BOS


18-19/6 Specialties in Tångahed
Zandirah's Within Temptation
had great success once again! At the Sighthound specialty she was BOB-intermediate and won the R-CAC.
Judge was Nina Neswadba, Austria. At the Saluki club show the next day she was Best Bitch 4 and won BIS Intermediate. This time judged by Hilkka Nousiainen, Kirman Salukis Finland. Both days had an entry over 90 with almost 50 bitches. More photos from the shows can be found here.

Lilja BIS Intermediate

Zandirah's Within Temptation

Zandirah's Winter Night Wish


11-12/6 The Saluki Specialty in Finland
I finally got the opportunity to visit the big Salukispecialty in Finland,
mainly to see lots of finnish Salukis but of course we also attended the show with amazing results!

The national salukispecialty was held on saturday with a totalt of 193 entries. Zandirah's Within Temptation was Best Bitch 2 out of 98 bitches
and also won the CC! Zandirah's Woman In Black was shown in a huge juniorclass of 25 entries, she wasn't placed but showed herself well and got excellent. Judge was Saija Juutilainen, Wallaby Salukis, Finland.

The unofficial salukishow on sunday had 171 entries. Zandirah's Within Temptation was placed second with prize of honour out of ten intermediate bitches. Both our girls also qualified to compete for best movement and best head. Judge for this day was Säde Hohteri, Sfinksin Salukis, Finland.

You can see more photos from the show of both Lilja, Mandy and many other dogs here.

Zandirah's Within Temptation

Zandirah's Woman In Black

14-15/5 Show x 2 in Ljungbyhed
This weekend we went to the south of Sweden for a two day show. At the sighthound specialty Zandirah's Winter Night Wish won the intermediate class. Congratulations to Hollies owner Åsa! Judge was Rosemary Lewis (Knightellington Salukis) England.

At the saluki specialty Zandirah's Within Temptation was fourth in intermediate class with CQ.
Judge was Carole Tipler (Al-Yaman Salukis) New Zeeland.

Zandirah's Winter Night Wish

Zandirah's Within Temptation

7/5 Open show, Stockholm
The Salukigroup within Stockholm Dogracing Society  arranged a Salukifestival with shows amoung other activities. Zandirah's White Night Fantasy participated and was Best Bitch 3 and BIS Intermediate. Congratulations to Siris owner Jennie! Judge was Pirjo Puttonen (Yuzak Salukis) Finland.

Zandirah's White Night Fantasy (Photo: Conny Alexandersson)

16-17/4 Lurecoursing debut
We went on lurecoursing practise with our six Salukis and Emmas two Afghans.
Of course all of them got to run and Lilja got one approved race towards her licence.

Galeritas Pilosella & Zandirah's Within Temptation

27/3 SvVK Strängnäs
Zandirah's Wind Of Victory "Sizzle"
won the juniorclass with CQ and won BOB Junior, congratulations to Sizzles owners Gunilla & Bosse!
Judge was Wim Wiersma, Netherlands.

Zandirah's Wind Of Victory

26/3 Sighthound specialty, Køge Denmark

The year started in the best possible way with amazing results for Lilja (Zandirah's Within Temptation) who was BOS, won the CAC
and became BIS-Youngster! Zandirah's Water Lily had a succesful showdebut by winning CQ and BIS-3 Junior, congratulations to Ghiblis owner Ulla.
Judge was Saija Juutilainen, Wallaby Salukis, Finland. We also had the pleasure of meeting Chohan (Zandirah's Wishmaster) again, new photos of Chohan and Ghibli can be seen under litters. Both of them has developed nicely into beautiful and very well tempered dogs.

Zandirah's Within Temptation BOS & Ch Volante's Bizzarini BOB

Lilja with her prizes

Zandirah's Water Lily