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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



The Z-litters birthday

Happy birthday to our nine lovely boys and girls on their 3:rd birthday!


Timjans birthday!

We celebrate our sweet Timjan who turns seven years old today and also send birthday wishes to all his siblings!



Enköping SvVK
Zandirah's Wind Of Victory BM-3 CAC
Ch Zandirah's Within Temptation BB-3
Judge: Ann Cuthbert, Ireland



Siri har nu fått ett nytt hem i Danmark där hon kommer att bo tillsammans med en salukikompis. Vi önskar henne och hennes nya ägare lycka till!
Siri has got a new home in Denmark where she will be living with a salukifriend. We wish her and her new owner good luck!



Eskilstuna INT
Ch Zandirah's Within Temptation BB-2 R-CACIB
Judge: Joao Vasco Pocas, Portugal



Great success at "Skokloster summershow" for Zandirah's Wind Of Victory who won the big open class males,
qualified for best movement and later was best male 3 with the CAC. Around 60 males were entered under judge Norm Strathdee, Padtheway Salukis, Australia. Huge congratulations to Sizzles owners Gunilla & Bo Skoglund at kennel Shaamroc! Zandirah's Winter Night Wish aka Hollie also did very well on the same day being among the top five in the huge open bitch class judged by Jean-Luc Lemouzy, Al-Zubeydah Salukis, France. Congratulations also to her owner, Åsa Schmidt!

On the second day Sizzle did well once again being among the top six open males under Mr. Lemouzy.
Ch Zandirah's Within Temptation was among the top ten in the large and high quality champion bitch class under Mr Strathdee.

More photos can be seen




Avesta INT
Ch Zandirah's Within Temptation BB-2 Res-cacib
Zandirah's Wind Of Victory EXC in openclass

Judge: Saija, Juutilainen, Finland, Wallaby Salukis

Their sire Ch Shamroc Silver Breeze was BOB and BIG-2. Chili also made his debut as a veteran and was BOB veteran and BIS-3 in the veteran final.
Big congratulations to his owners and breeders Gunilla & Bosse Skoglund!



Österbybruk INT
Ch Zandirah's Within Temptation BB-3
Zandirah's Winter Night Wish EXC-3 in open class

Judge: Gerard Cox, Ireland

Vallentuna INT
Zandirah's Winter Night Wish EXC-2 in open class with CQ
Zandirah's White Night Fantasy EXC in open class
Ch Zandirah's Within Temptation EXC-3 in champion class with CQ

Judge: Anne Mac Donald, Scotland, Mabrooka Salukis

Thanks to Erika Brolin and Madeleine Hjelm for showing Lilja this weekend!




Lilja (Nord Ch Nord JV-10 Zandirah's Within Temptation) and Hollie (Zandirah's Winter Night Wish) attended the lurecoursing field again, this time just outside our hometown Norberg. They did well once again and even ran the second run together which went great. Lilja was 4:th with 330 points, just one placement after the CAC again, and Hollie 5:th with 324 points. 15 bitches participated. Judges were Ingela Hägg, Sweden and Thomas Klokkerhaug, Norway.



Lilja (Nord Ch Nord JV-10 Zandirah's Within Temptation) and Hollie (Zandirah's Winter Night Wish) participated at their very first lurecoursing trial in Söderhamn and both did well. Lilja was 3:rd with 329 points, just one placement after the CAC, and Hollie 8:th with 311 points. 16 bitches participated. Judges were Susanne Leifors and Yvette Charlesdotter, Sweden.



Welcome Love! Carolina's first child, a beautiful little boy was born on april 10:th. We are so happy!




Yesterday we went to the first lurecoursing training of the year. Muscot, Timjan, Lilja & Mandy all got to run and had a great time. Mandy finished a whole run for the very first time and even ran with another dog at the second run. So hopefully she will be able to get her license this year. One who did get her license today was Hollie, Zandirah's Winter Night Wish. Hollie & Lilja will take part in their first lurecoursing competitions in May, very exciting!



The first show of the year for us was the Sighthound specialty in Köping. It was also Liljas first time in openclass and what a debut!
She won the class and later went best bitch-2 with the CAC. This made her nordic champion! (Swedish, danish and finnish).
We are very happy and proud of our young girl and of our first champion. The judge was Kirsti Louhi, Finland.



Zandirah's Wishmaster, Chohan has made an appearance with his owner Anette in a danish tv-show. Anette works with animals in several different ways and has just given out a book about how animals communicates. Watch the video and visit Anettes website (both in danish).



For a long time I have tried to come up with the easiest and smartest way of showing photos of our dogs, with galleries on the website, on picasa etc
but haven't found anything that fully works. But now I have realized that facebook is the best solution because it is easy and fast to upload new photos. So from now on, please visit my albums there to see more photos of our dogs, there are already a lot of them there, but I have also started to upload more/older ones. You don't have to be a member to watch them. Click on gallery to chose album.

Jag kommer också börja med att arbeta på en svensk version av hemsidan snart!


Yearlists 2011

We had a fantastic year 2011 with Lilja:

2 BOS, 2 Swedish CC, several Best Bitch placements
Best Bitch 2 with CC at the Finnish Saluki Specialty
Best Bitch 2 with R-CC and R-CACIB in Norway
Several BIS and BOB Intermediate
BOS with CC in Denmark

List placements:
18:th Most Winning Saluki Bitch in Sweden
15:th Most Winning Saluki in Finland
8:th Most Winning Saluki Bitch in Finland
5:th Most Winning Young Saluki in Finland
4:th Most Winning Young Saluki Bitch in Finland

Lurecoursing license

We are very proud of her!

So far 8 out of 9 from our first litter has been shown officially and 5 has been awarded with CQ.

We also won BOB Breeders Group at the prestigeous "Skokloster Summer Show.